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Seminars are usually held in the seminar room 26, ground floor, building D
(Institute of Physiology, ASCR, Videnska 1083, Prague 4. Map.)
In case you are interested to be notified by email about next seminars let us know.


21.3.2013 (11:00)

Sidney Lehky (The Salk Institute, USA)
Dimensionality of object representations in monkey inferotemporal cortex


16.4.2012 (11:00)

Prof. Igor Schreiber (VSCHT)
Stoichiometric networks and oscillatory dynamics of chemical systems

7.3.2012 (14:00)

Prof. Alain Trembleau (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
Local translation of mRNAs and its role in the development and plasticity of the mouse olfactory system

5.3.2012 (11:00)

Pavel Sanda
Neural mechanisms of sound localisation and its modeling

13.2.2012 (10:00)

Prof. Chris Christodoulou (University of Cyprus)
Aspects of neural coding and self-control

30.1.2012 (11:00)

Dr. Achilleas Koutsou
Distinguishing the Causes of Firing with the Membrane Potential Slope

16.1.2012 (11:00)

Soma Chakraborty
Mutual information as contrast function for independent component analysis


18.4.2011 (9:30)

Ondrej Pokora
On estimation of firing rate from superposed record

2.5.2011 (11:00)

Lubomir Kostal
Numerical calculation of information capacity for selected neuronal models

9.5.2011 (11:00)

Ryota Kobayashi
A method for estimating time-varying synaptic input from a voltage trace

23.5.2011 (11:00)

Boris Flach (FEL CVUT)
Modelling composite shapes by Gibbs Random Fields

30.5.2011 (11:00)

Massimiliano Tamborrino
Detection of the first-spike latency

20.6.2011 (11:00)

Martin Zapotocky
Nonlinear oscillators and the control of insect flight

8.8.2011 (11:00)

Milan Palus (ICS AS CR)
Local and long-range synchronization, functional and effective connectivity in brain networks

22.8.2011 (11:00)

Ikuko Nishikawa (Ritsumeikan University)
Estimation of the neural circuit for the command generation in the premotor center of an insect brain

24.11.2011 (9:00)

Prof. Michele Migliore (CNR Italy)
Odor perception through network self-organization: large-scale modeling of the olfactory bulb


29.9.2010 (11:00)

 Internal seminar
Pavel Sanda
Parallel computing

20.9.2010 (11:00)

Lubomir Kostal
Mutual information and channel capacity in the weak-signal approximation.

23.6.2010 (11:00)

 Guest speaker
Karel Jezek, Department of Neurophysiology of Memory
Dynamics of Population Activity in the Hippocampal Neural Network.

27.5. (14:00)

 Internal seminar
Soma Chakraborty
Independent Component Analysis of Wingbeat Dynamics in Drosophila.


16.2. (14:30 hod.)

 Guest speaker
Prof. Thomas Hummel, Smell and Taste Clinic, Dresden University Medical School
"Why Two Nostrils?"


 Guest speaker
Dr. Jean-Pierre Rospars, Insect Physiology Unit, INRA Versailles:
"Olfactory Transduction: How Is an Odour Transduced into an Electrical Signal?"


 Guest speaker
Dr. Pavel Němec, Přírodovědecká fakulta UK:
"Neural Mechanisms of Magnetoreception"


 Joint seminar with Dept. 33
Topic: Introduction to electrophysiological and optical recordings
Presented by Jakub Otáhal, Monika Martinková, and Eva Krajčovičová


 Internal seminar
Pavel Šanda
Spike train analysis and population coding of frog olfactory neurons


 Joint seminar with Dept. 33
Topic: Analysis of physiological signals
Presented by Martin Zápotocký and Lubomír Košťál

1.6. (main lecture hall, 11:00)

 Guest speaker
Prof. Peter Mombaerts, Max Planck Institute for Biophysics, Frankfurt
"Olfaction Targeted"

8.7. (Wednesday)

 Guest speaker
Prof. Gerd Kempermann, Center for Regenerative Therapies, Dresden
Genes and environment in the regulation of adult neurogenesis


 Guest speaker
Doc. Petr Maršálek, 1. LF UK
"Consciousness, disorders of consciousness, unconsciousness - incomplete introduction."


7. 4.

 Internal seminar
Luboš Košťál
Hypotéza eficientního kódování

21. 4

 Internal seminar
Martin Zápotocký
Identita čichových neuronů a jejich propojení s bulbus olfactorius

28. 4.

 Internal seminar
Petr Lánský
Journal club (Shlukování - Simon, Radil-Weis, Lánský)

10. 6.

 Guest speakers
Steven Fry (Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETH Zurich)
Neuronal control of flight in Drosophila
Ryota Kobayashi (Kyoto University)
Predicting spike times - Quantitative modelling of cortical neurons

19. 9.

 Guest speaker
David Bouchain (Ulm University)
Associative memories for cortex modeling